Traditional Japanese Terminology:

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Uke:  Receiver of Punch or Throw.

Tori: Person who performs the technique or throw on the other person (Uke).

Kuzushi:  Breaking or upsetting the opponent’s balance.

Juji Gatame:  Straight arm bar.

Nage Waza:  Throwing technique. Kansetsu

Waza:  Joint locking techniques.

Shime Waza:  Strangulation techniques.

Tae Nage:  Wrist turn out and other types of hand throws.

Uchikomi:  Non-throwing, entry drills.

Uchi Nage:  Completing the throw.

Seio Nage:  Shoulder throw.

Ippon Seio Nage:  One arm shoulder or back throw.

Tomoe Nage: Foot in the stomach “circle throw.”

Sukui Nage: Scoop throw by grabbing Uke’s knees or hip and scooping them up.  Reverse hip throw.

Ura Nage:  Rear throw.

Uchi Mata:  Inner thigh reaping throw.

Tae Otoshi:  Extend leg in front of Uke and with a spin and body drop motion make the throw as in “Low shoulder throw.”

Ogoshi:  Major lifting hip throw.

Harai Goshi:  Sweeping hip throw.

Osoto Gari:  Walk thru take down major outer reaping throw.

Kosoto Gari: Minor outside reaping throw. Same side leg hooks behind Uke’s leg and chops back forcing Uke down to the rear.

Ouchi Gari:  Major inside reap. Same side foot hooks inside Uke’s leg.

Kouchi Gari:  Minor inside reap. Cross side and inside reap/cho of Uke’s leg.

Hiza Garuma:  Foot check to Uke’s knee blocking it for whirling throw.

Okuri-Ashi-Haria:  Foot and ankle sweeps.