Grand Master Brannan

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Chief Instructor Curt Brannan, 8th Degree Black Belt


Let me introduce you to the Chief Instructor. He has been my close friend, fellow police officer and my student for many years. Curtis Brannan is a twenty-seven year veteran of a major metropolitan police department in the State of Texas and is currently the Senior Homicide Detective in that agency. He has vast experience investigating literally thousands of violent assault and murder cases, which has provided him with significant knowledge of the mechanics of violent criminal attacks. He is a Seventh Degree Black Belt in the American Karate System and has been certified by the FBI as a “DEFENSIVE TACTICS INSTRUCTOR.” He has also received training by the UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE in “DIGNITARY AND EXECUTIVE PROTECTION.” He has served as the personal “bodyguard” for several high profile celebrities and dignitaries and has traveled with them across the United States. Mr. Brannan served in the United States Army as a Combat Arms Drill Sergeant, training military personnel in defensive tactics. He has over thirty years of training in various systems of Martial Arts. Currently, he is the Chief Instructor and owner of the American Academy of Martial Arts located in our hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Brannan teaches several classes weekly to a wide range of students. He is also training police officers in the skills of defensive tactics and arrest procedures. Even with these incredible credentials, he still studies and regularly trains with me, and he is always anxious to learn and improve himself and his students. Mr. Brannan has been married to his wife, Beverly, for thirty-seven years and is one of the most dedicated, Christian family men I have ever known. They have two sons, Cole, who is 31 years old and Jacob, who is 20.

Richard M. Morris, 10th Degree